When schools are closed over summer, we stay open to run fun literacy projects. We run summer programs at many sites across East Vancouver.

Examples of past summer activities:

  • Literacy capture the flag is a big hit with the kids. Each team hides eleven flags and scrambles to find the other team’s, but the real winner is the team who spells the most words using the letters on the flags!
  • The kids love using typewriters—or, as they call them, “old-school computers.” So, during summer programs, we put out the old machines and the kids type stories, letters, silly poems, plays and more. Even the most reluctant writers get excited when they sit down at a typewriter.
  • Each summer, we run a field-trip program, where the kids visit sites across the Lower Mainland, and photograph and write about their experiences there. Past publications include And the Animals Say, "Howdy!": Exotic Expeditions in Vancouver and Kids Can Write Travel Guides Too: A Book of Things to See and Do in Vancouver.

If you are a parent wanting to register your child for after-school programs, or an inner-city teacher wanting to make a referral, please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with more information.