Writers' Exchange Volunteer Showcase - Matt Perzow

Next up in our volunteer spotlight is the super-committed Matt. Many current mentors might know Matt from his extensive involvement with WE’s summer-time programs and after-school programs at our home base on Hastings Street. We feel so fortunate to have had his help with so many programs over the past two years! Matt is currently volunteering in Israel, and upon his return, he will continue studying psychology at UBC with the intention of specializing in Child Psychology.

Why do you like volunteering with WE?

 I like volunteering with Writers’ Exchange because it gives me a sense of purpose and consistently provides interactions that are to be lived and enjoyed in the moment, as well as fostering relationships that develop meaning over time. The kids are simultaneously hilarious, creative, brilliant, provocative, challenging, and loving.  

How is Writers' Exchange important to you?

Writers’ Exchange is a place wherein play and learning are intertwined and paramount. I consider this to be pretty unusual, at least in my life. My bonds with the kids pay immediate dividends, particularly with the kids who I have seen grow up over the two years I have volunteered. Working so closely with the kids over the years has taught me some of human nature and the healing power of love, reciprocity, and openness. The courage shown by the kids in dealing with difficult social situations and learning new skills is admirable and is a standard that I try to work toward in my own life.   

What was it like getting started volunteering with Writers' Exchange?

I was nervous at first, as I had never worked with kids before. I quickly grew accustomed to the organization thanks to the welcoming staff, and when I saw that the kids looked forward to my arrival, I warmed up.

Has anything about volunteering for Writers' Exchange surprised you?

The impact of the kids on my life outside of my time at Writers’ Exchange.

A fun fact about you.

Public speaking is one of my favourite activities.


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